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Carbon Management Mission:
Helping Hard To Clean Industries DeCarbonize

With Climate Change reaching a tipping point Hard to Clean Sector (HCS) Companies must utilize an arsenal of strategies and tactics to reduce GHG TODAY while we prepare for carbon-free fuels to become available.

Carbon Advisors provides a full arsenal of tools that enable HCS Companies to reduce fossil fuel emissions without premature equipment upgrades, unplanned capital investments or financial greenwashing.  Carbon Advisors’ three divisions: Carbon Solutions, Carbon Strategies and Carbon Securities offer a cadre of expertise to achieve net-zero including:
(1) GHG reduction technologies, (2) sustainability consultants, and (3) quality offsets. 


Carbon Solutions


Reduce with Verified Decarbonization Solutions

‣ Verified De-Carbon Solutions
‣ Offset Product Management
‣ Offset Project Development
‣ Internal/Private Label Projects


Carbon Strategies


Report to Mitigate Greenwashing

‣ GHG Assessment/Market Review
‣ GHG Baseline Assessment
‣ Quarterly Sustainability Audits
‣ Automated Reporting & Training


Carbon Securities


Offset to Overcome Shortfalls

‣ Voluntary/Compliant Offset Credits
‣ Offset Insurance/Hedging Programs
‣ Offset Project Due Diligence
‣ Secure Credit Transmission

“It is vital that we turn commitments into concrete action (and) start following the principles: reduce, report and offset." 

Bill Gates



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"The Solution to climate change is not as simple as walking away from fossil fuels because some sectors do not have affordable, low-carbon energy sources to replace oil and natural gas."

Jamie Dimon


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