Carbon Management Mission:
Helping Hard To Clean Industries DeCarbonize

With Climate Change reaching a tipping point Hard to Clean Sector (HCS) Companies must utilize an arsenal of strategies and tactics to reduce GHG TODAY while we prepare for carbon-free fuels to become available.

Carbon Advisors provides a full arsenal of tools that enable HCS Companies to reduce fossil fuel emissions without premature equipment upgrades, unplanned capital investments or financial greenwashing.  Carbon Advisors’ three divisions: Carbon Solutions, Carbon Strategies and Carbon Securities offer a cadre of expertise to achieve net-zero including:
(1) GHG reduction technologies, (2) sustainability consultants, and (3) quality offsets. 


Carbon Solutions


Reduce with Verified Decarbonization Solutions

‣ Verified De-Carbon Solutions
‣ Offset Product Management
‣ Offset Project Development
‣ Internal/Private Label Projects


Carbon Strategies


Report to Mitigate Greenwashing

‣ GHG Assessment/Market Review
‣ GHG Baseline Assessment
‣ Quarterly Sustainability Audits
‣ Automated Reporting & Training


Carbon Securities


Offset to Overcome Shortfalls

‣ Voluntary/Compliant Offset Credits
‣ Offset Insurance/Hedging Programs
‣ Offset Project Due Diligence
‣ Secure Credit Transmission

“It is vital that we turn commitments into concrete action (and) start following the principles: reduce, report and offset." 

Bill Gates



Carbon Advisors_2.png

Stephen Schueler

Executive Chairman,

Carbon Advisors

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Geof Rochester

Managing Director, Carbon Strategies

RB Professional 1.jpg

Robert Barrett

Managing Director, Carbon Solutions


John Carroll

Chief Executive Officer/President, Carbon Solutions


Patrick McCarthy

Managing Director, Carbon Securities


Brie Cox

Vice President of Marketing

"The Solution to climate change is not as simple as walking away from fossil fuels because some sectors do not have affordable, low-carbon energy sources to replace oil and natural gas."

Jamie Dimon


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