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Introducing CarbonGEO:  
The World’s Most Comprehensive Environmental Intelligence Platform 

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We’re empowering the environmental offset and natural ecosystems markets with Standards and Insights that are Precision Intelligence-Powered & Science Vetted.

The CarbonGEO Point of Difference

We have built the world’s most comprehensive Environmental Intelligence Platform, providing data-powered insights and ratings on carbon stored in natural ecosystems. 



Our groundbreaking geo-spatial intelligence platform leverages military-grade cloud computing, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms with access to commercial electro-optical (EO) satellite imagery, LIDAR, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, and airborne technologies to provide a level of precision inspection not available with any other rating system.



We utilize the CCQI assessment methodology, adhering to the most stringent quality objectives for carbon credits globally. 



We utilize open-source ground truthing technology for NGOs and other verified third parties to fact check and validate projects on the ground. 


Download a sample report using the form below.


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The CarbonGEO team touts notable academic achievement as well as distinguished, certified auditing experience. The Engagement team includes six professionals with combined 100 years of expertise specific to business, environmental, and geospatial intelligence.

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John Carroll, President & CEO 


John is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CarbonGEO and will serve as the Global Relationship Manager. John has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois University and graduate certificates in Finance from the University of Washington and Sustainability from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following a career at Dell where he helped recruit the #1 rank salesforce, he started three successful start-ups and is a two-time recipient of Inc. Magazines fastest growing private companies award.    

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Hillary Deppeler, Project Director 

Hillary is the Project Director and will coordinate the Services on a day-to-day basis. Hillary has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Boston University and graduate certificate in Sustainability from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ms. Deppeler works as a business developer and brand innovator. She has served as the head of partnerships, marketing and programming for WeWork globally with additional experience as COO of Body & Eden and partnership development in Europe TED Conferences. Related to publishing, she has worked with Conde Naste publications, Wired, and Esquire (Hearst). 

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Adam Estrella, Technical Lead 

Adam is the Technical lead and will act as geo-spatial expert and provide input, analysis and provide change detection analysis and comparison of the project to similar surrounding areas. Adam has a degree from the University of Georgia and graduate certificate in data mining from Stanford. Mr. Estrella serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Royce GEO and Member of Forbes Washington DC Technology Council. Adam is focused on large-scale image processing and analyzing vast amounts of geospatial data supporting U.S. Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Communities.  

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Suma Pakki, Scoring Analyst 

Suma is the Scoring Analyst and will be the lead scoring analyst for this project and will collect data regarding the project to provide input, analysis and conduct interviews in accordance with the CCQI methodology. Suma has a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Houston as well as Circular Economy graduate work at Cambridge University and is working on a graduate certificate in Sustainable Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a Scoring Analyst, Ms. Pakki will provide data and input to the Peer Review committee for final recommendation to Scoring Officer. 

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Pablo Reed, Peer Review Lead


Pablo is the Peer Review Lead and will lead the peer review process and will provide input from multiple experts on the type of project reviewed as well as biodiversity and sustainability prior to final rating. Pablo has a bachelor’s degree in Forest and Ecological Engineering from the University of Washington and a Masters of Environmental Management degree from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Mr. Reed has worked with USAID and the Peace Corps in Latin America and is a Certified Validator/Verifier for ARB, CAR, ACR, VCS/Verra, CCBA, and Gold Standard methodologies.  

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Pamela Griesemer, Chief Scoring Officer 

Pamela is the Chief Scoring Officer and will be solely responsible for the final grades assigned to each element and the overall project score. Ms. Griesemer has Master’s degree in Chemistry from University of Chicago and graduate certificates in Sustainability from Harvard and in ESG from UC Berkeley Law. Pamela is a qualified/certified auditor of ISO-14001 EMS and holds credentials with ISI, GRI, GBCI, SASB, and CDP. She taught Urban Sustainability & Environmental Justice for Indiana University’s School of Public & Environmental Affairs. 

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