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Unique Geospatial Intelligence Analysis

CarbonGEO’s Environmental Intelligence Platform provides a unique geospatial intelligence analysis of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary's carbon credits. 


CarbonGEO’s Environmental Intelligence Platform combines a scientifically driven and transparent carbon credit scoring system with advanced, military grade geospatial imagery, analytics and “ground-truthing” to provide customers with a comprehensive, science driven and unbiased analysis of environmental development projects, globally.


In our Hawk Mountain Sanctuary report we assess, and score, the project based on its

  • Additionality,

  • Accounting,

  • Permanence

  • Co-benefits including Sustainable Development and Biodiversity grades,

  • Support our conclusions with geospatial land change imagery and ground-truthing photography.

Preview the report below.

CarbonGEO Carbon Offset Rating System
A Comprehensive Carbon Offset Intelligence System How it Works: Powered by Precision-Powered Geo Spatial Intelligence and Human Science

CarbonGEO was developed to specifically address the issue of understanding quality by arming carbon offset purchases with relevant, actionable and project specific intelligence and scoring so companies can make the best decisions for their impact investments, their wallets and their reputations.

Precision-Powered Geo Spatial Intelligence

Our geospatial technology and cloud computing capabilities are the best available in the world. Utilizing our proprietary Carbon Cloud™ technology, also used to the support the US Department of Defense (DoD), CarbonGEO provides the most comprehensive, and transparent carbon offset intelligence and consistent monitoring available.

Science-Based Human Intelligence

Our team of world-renowned climate scientists have decades of experience scoring carbon offsets and carbon mitigation projects. Their methodology and expertise is aligned with the United Nation’s defined standards for carbon offsets.


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